SUDOKU or number place. This is probably the most popular logic puzzle around the world. Now, the iPhone and iPod touch allow you to enjoy the most popular NumberPlace numerical puzzle game. Using our application is very easy and you will enjoy it. From easy puzzles to really hard ones that twist your brain, we have four different levels of puzzles for everyone to enjoy. Fully enjoy NumberPlace!

Basic NumberPlace Rules

Enter a digit from 1-9 into the blank square of the grid, with the following constraints applying.
Every row and column must contain one instance of each digit.
Every 3x3 block of the 9x9 grid must contain one instance of each number.

How to use this application

Entering a number is easy! Just tap on the grid and then on the number pad that will appear.
*Touch on the panel to open the help function, which will give you basic instructions for use of this application.

Extra Functions

This applications comes with various supplementary functions, that help you solve the puzzles.
Note function This enables you to make a note of several numbers in the blank squares of the grid.
Saving function The progress of each puzzle can be saved to let you resume the game at any time.
No-repeat function This function tells you if any duplicated digits are in the same row, column or 3x3 block
Input constraint function It will restrict the input of numerals to prevent more than 9 identical figures being chosen in total.
Automatic note deleting function When a solution is entered it will delete the notes in the same row/column and 3x3 blocks automatically.
Play time display function .Shows you the time you have been attempting to solve the puzzle.
*Average clear-time is displayed at the record display for each level.
Constant backlight function The backlight will not go off even if the screen is left untouched while thinking.
(only applied during the game)

Other supplementary functions are available such as "go back," " restart" and "delete all notes."

*except for certain functions, supplementary functions can be switched on and off in the "settings" menu of the application.